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Heart-Mind Integration combines the fundamentals of Transpersonal Psychology and Heart Centered Bio-energetic technology

Heart-Mind seminars offer a balance that encompasses the experience of guided participation in transformative expanded states of consciousness and cognitive teachings from scientific research, as well as spiritual methodologies.  Using multimedia and dynamic audio-visual instrumentation, along with various meditation practices and facilitated group dialogue, participants are offered a new range of engagement in experience and practice.

Attendees come away with revitalized confidence in living a life of choice and reason, and a re-dedication to co-creating a more empathic participation with their families, their communities and with the Infinite.

Transpersonal – or that state of being that is "beyond the personal" – reflects more of a Universal image than one of individual or limited identity. The heart focus combines cognitive and behavioral theories with scientific and spiritual subtle energy technologies, using the heart as both poetic metaphor and actual instrument of dynamic material change.

A strongly multicultural, heart-centered orientation includes esoteric and Gnostic European systems, such as alchemy and Christian mysticism, and Indigenous and Native American spirituality, in tandem with Ancient Wisdom meditative traditions drawn from Buddhism and Hinduism.

Combining spiritual texts with mystical states of consciousness, mindfulness and contemplation, these perspectives seek to integrate the view from both High-self and personality-self states of awareness. Imbalances in the emotional and mental energy fields both in and around the body can be identified, and energetic blocks rebalanced and cleared through mutual Bio-energy observation, intuitive insight and interactive dialogue.

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