Lesley's work seeks to build a practical bridge between modern health care and applied psychological and spiritual technologies. She has focused on promoting integration between the heart and the mind because of the immense burden of heart disease and emotional suffering in the world today. Through dialogue, lectures, multimedia presentations and practical experiential exercises participants are empowered to know they can create a path of wellness through personal change and self-care.

Traditionally viewed as a pump, the heart is now known as the largest electromagnetic field generator in the energetic anatomy of the body. The heart also serves as an organ of consciousness and cognition, expanding and reflecting our perceptions, feelings and intentions back into the world. The heart constantly mirrors our daily rhythms, lifestyle patterns and integrates our life experiences to create spiritual coherence. With each heart beat, the dynamic invitation of the heart is to practice continuity between our inner life and our outer world experiences. By strengthening our ability to respond with mind, heart and compassionate will in all aspects of our life, we can create greater self-actualization and maintain good cardiovascular health.

Lesley Carmack, MS is a practicing Transpersonal Integration consultant, author, and group facilitator. Her focus is on cultivating awareness, empathy and wisdom that catalyze conscious participation in the evolutionary future on both personal and collective levels. She holds a Masters of Science degree in counseling psychology, and studied Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in Seoul, Korea. She is an on-going student of Raja yoga, Subtle Energy Medicine and Ancient Wisdom teachings

Lesley has objectively demonstrated, through scientifically-documented research studies, her ability to affect change and promote healing. She incorporates clairvoyance, esoteric analysis, deep listening, dialogue and distant healing to bring about tangible access to expanded life force and deeper attunement to the interconnectedness of all life.

Lesley has co-authored texts focusing on group dynamics, problem solving and creative thinking that are currently used in the government and corporate sectors and is currently co authoring another book with Ruth Eichler. She travels internationally presenting seminars that promote integration of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and global revitalization towards a more heart centered perspective.


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